Writing your Story (Evaluation of Learning)

It is time for the reporters to prepare their reports.

There are two options here, as appropriate to your pupils and school situation. They could write a piece for a newspaper, or a storyboard for a TV report (which they could even record and, with appropriate help, have edited into a video).

Utilise the worksheets below and, as appropriate, re-show the three videos above to help your pupils with the information they will need for their writing.

For a newspaper report:

Give out the first page of the downloadable worksheet Newspaper Article.

Show the pupils the pictures from pages two to seven which provides pictures to illustrate their story.

Invite different (groups of) pupils to select one picture, stick it on their worksheet and then write some text below it which gives the ‘story behind the story’ about the person/item in that particular picture.

Invite the pupils to share, with the rest of the class, what they have written. As appropriate make these into a display board.

For a TV report:

Explain that, when reporters write a piece for television they often write it as a storyboard, specifying the visuals alongside the text.

Give out the first page of the downloadable worksheet Video Storyboard. Explain that the first column is to specify the visuals but note that these will be static graphics representing the video in the report. You might find it helpful to show the footage that is available by playing the B-roll video below (B-roll is the technical term for illustrative footage). Explain that the second column is for them to write the script of what the TV reporter will say over this illustrative footage.

Give the pupils the graphics cut up from the second page of the worksheet. Emphasise that they will not be able to use all of the B-roll and will therefore need to select from these graphics for their story.

If it is appropriate, and you have the resources, you could record your pupil’s script and edit it together with footage from the following B-roll.


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