What happened? (Starter)

Once a good reporter has got a story straight, by recounting the chronology, he/she looks for the ‘story behind the story.’

This process is partly creative and partly investigative. They might start with the creative process of thinking about a wide range of possibilities that might explain what happened and why. Then they move on to the investigative process of interviewing people to discover which of these possibilities is true. (Of course a bad reporter may not bother with the second process, choosing not to let the facts get in the way of a good story!)

Show Slide 1 from the PowerPoint What Happened? Invite your pupils to think creatively of possibilities to explain what happened. Then ask them what questions they would ask if they were to interview the boy.

Repeat with Slides 2 and 3 which open possibilities for many creative explanatory stories as well as illustrating the problems reporters face when they can’t interview the people involved; in which case they need to look for other sources of information.

Explain that, in this lesson, we will consider the stories behind the story of Christmas. We’ll consider what questions we would want to ask the key people involved. But, because we are not able to interview them, we will look for other sources of information.

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