Setting the Scene: Why Have Rules?

Show Slide 1 of the PowerPoint Why Have Rules? and invite the pupils to tell you some of the rules we all have to follow (in school, when playing sport, on the roads, at home etc). You could compile a list. Why do they think there are so many rules to follow?

Show Slides 2-4 which illustrate three rules we all have to follow. Invite them to tell you the reason for these rules, drawing out that they are there to protect us, and other people, from harm.

Show Slide 5. In this assembly we will think a bit more about rules, why we have them and what happens when we break them. We will look at one of the first stories in the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve. But before we get to that, let’s watch a story about Chris, one of the characters in Superbook,  whose Dad is an inventor.

Play the downloadable video Don’t Go in the Lab


If appropriate, show Slides 6 – 7 and invite the pupils to consider the reason (or reasons) why Chris’ Dad may have made the rule ‘Don’t go in the lab’, and why Chris chose to disobey his father.

In the story, Chris Dad was trying to protect his son, and what he had made. But Chris’ chose to disobey his father.

Play the downloadable video Chris Disobeys his Father.


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