Reflecting on the Story: Sharing in the Christmas Story

Show Slides 1 and 2 of the Powerpoint Thinking Differently About Christmas and invite the pupils to reflect on Chris and Gizmo’s reaction to the fact that this first Christmas had no decorations and no Christmas tree. You could tell them that the first documented use of a decorated tree as part of Christmas celebrations was in 1510, in Riga the capital of Latvia (one of the Baltic states). Until then the focus of Christmas celebrations had been on giving gifts…

Show Slide 3 and invite the pupils to reflect on why we give gifts at Christmas. You could tell them that the tradition dates back to Saint Nicholas who was Bishop of Myra in Lycia (now called Turkey) around the year 320. He had a reputation for helping the poor and for giving secret gifts to people who needed them. (As appropriate, and taking great care about the school’s policy on talking about Father Christmas, you could tell them that this was the origin of the story of Santa Claus – being a derivative of the name Saint Nicholas). Certainly for most of the years since the birth of Jesus, gift-giving was focused on providing presents to those in need.

Show Slide 4 and invite them to reflect on how they might think differently about Christmas, having seen something more of the biblical story of Jesus’ birth.

Show Slide 5 and invite them to reflect on the biblical message that God gave us the gift of his son because he loves us, and wants to provide a way for all people to be brought into his ‘family’ of all those who love him.

Show Slide 6 and invite them to suggest what they think Chris should do with his winning ticket, now that he has understood more about the biblical story of Jesus’ birth.

Play the downloadable video Sharing in the Christmas Story.


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