Maker’s Instructions (Starter)

Show Slide 1 from the PowerPoint Maker’s Instructions. Ask your pupils if they can identify the picture. You could tell them that they will each have labels like this on their clothes and invite them to find them (subject to appropriate decorum of course). As appropriate help them to discover that these are instructions from the makers of the clothes to tell us how to care for them when washing. Ask them what they think will happen to the clothes if we don’t follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Show Slide 2 which illustrates how clothes can shrink if the maker’s instructions are not followed.

Show Slide 3 and ask them to suggest what other products come with maker’s instructions, and what happens if we disobey them. Invite them to consider whether such damage can ever be restored.

Show Slide 4 and explore how sometimes it is possible for something which has been damaged to be restored. Explain that, in this lesson, we will look further at the creation story in the Bible and how, according to the story, the world and people in it were damaged when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, but how God promises to restore the world and the people he created into something even better. Tell them that they will then be invited to create a piece of artwork that illustrates this theme of restoration.

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