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Hearing The Christmas Story (Whole Class Activity)

This section of the lesson introduces the basic elements of the Christmas story and prepares the pupils for recounting the story in chronological order.

Ask the pupils if they can tell you any of the story they know about the birth of Jesus. They will probably know that Jesus was laid in a manger (a feeding trough for animals), and that shepherds came to worship him. So, as they talk about this, play the downloadable video Stable and Shepherds.


Ask the pupils if they know more of the story. They may know that wise men (sometimes called Kings or Magi) brought gifts for Jesus, having been guided by a star and having met Herod (the King of Judea) on the way. So, as they talk about this, play the downloadable video Herod and Wise-Men.


Ask the pupils if they know more about Mary and how Jesus was conceived (taking appropriate care regarding the school policy on sex education, at the very least your pupils will know that mummy’s ‘expect’ babies for several months before they are born). They may know something about the ‘annunciation’ when the angel Gabriel told Mary she would conceive and give birth to God’s son, Jesus. So, as you talk about this, play the downloadable video Annunciation.


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