Superbook is an animated series that has been created for children aged 5-11. This series follows the trio, Chris, Joy and Gizmo, on adventures through the Bible. The children and their robot are met with a challenge or difficult situation in their time and “Superbook” takes them back to a story from the Bible that will teach them how to overcome these obstacles. 

We have created lessons around these episodes to cover some of the core topics found in the national RE curriculum, specifically focusing on the aims and objectives found within handbook created by “Understanding Christianity” so that all schools in all areas can benefit from these lessons. 

Each lesson will include video teaching, clips from the animations and in some lessons, we include cross curricular subjects such as Geography and History. We have provided printable PDF resources of the activities mentioned to help the children visualise and understand the impact that the topic has on their world, meaning all you need to do is print off the resources in advance and provide any other suggested material for the lesson to be completed. 

We really hope you enjoy using these lessons and find that they aid in the teaching of Christianity to your children.